Africa’s ORIGINAL Big ‘n Tall

Welcome to Africa’s original Big ‘n Tall. We’ve been suppliers of high quality clothing for the bigger and / or taller man since 1979. We offer a complete range of clothing, from sock to suit and formal to casual, to complete your wardrobe for every season and occasion.

~ Tailored To Fit ~

When you step into Big n Tall for the first time, you’ve either heard of the incredible standards and quality that made this family-run business a success for many generations, or because you haven’t found the clothing that fits your respectable build the way you want it to. If you are the latter you’ll be happy to hear that Big n Tall boasts a full contingent of master tailors on-site to fit the clothing you purchase to your exact requirements before you step out the door.

We understand the frustration that lead you to us. Now allow us to make it go away and put a smile back on your face. The days of feeling awkward wearing clothes that simply don’t fit the way you want them to are close to being over. All you have to do is take that next step and visit the original Big n Tall.


Tablet and Smartphone Friendly

~ Premium Quality Brands ~

Expect nothing less when shopping at Big n Tall